Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Years

Brooke over at My Small Soldiers kindly gave me an award recently and I saved it until today because I thought it was a great prompt to look back.

You see, I've been doing this for two years. I debated whether I would even say anything. I'm not the type to wax poetic about what blogging has done for me. I love it, I love my readers and the world it has opened up, but I won't sit here and pretend there haven't been times where I wondered what I was doing.

Want proof? I initially wrote "wax poetic about what blogging has done TO me."

Still and all, I am proud of almost everything I have written here. It has given me the outlet I craved to continue creative writing without the pressure of assignments or deadlines.

Choosing 7 was harder than I anticipated, but here goes nothing:

Most Beautiful:

Where I Worry Someday My Daughter Will Experience The Lonelies
One of my favorite lines: But as I looked down at my daughter, I wondered: how do I tell her that if she gets that feeling, that lonely feeling, she’s in the wrong crowd, she’s with the wrong person?

Most Helpful:

I Don't Know if I Helped Anyone, But My Advice on What to Do Before Getting Married Did Inspire Conversation
One of my favorite lines: But I think for most couples, cohabitation is imperative to really understanding how your relationship will progress. When you each have your own corner to run to when things get tough, it's just not the same as having to be in the same space and work it out.

Most Controversial:

This Wasn't as Controversial as I had Feared, but I Dared Write About Spanking.
One of my favorite lines: As I may have mentioned, I love me some Dr Phil and he says something that has always stuck with me. “When you have a child, you write on the slate of who they are every day.” Well, if that’s true, Amber and Gary’s kid’s slate is covered in expletives, smeared with Dorito dust.

Most Popular:

Stats Don't Lie: People Love When I Write About TV
One of my favorite lines: (these were the days before Oz, so I am sure it was put nicely, but the moral of the story was you either get shivved in the shower or you become some big man’s lady).

Most Underrated:

I Thought Slapping Someone at a Church Function Would Have Garnered More Enthusiasm and Interest.
One of my favorite lines: You could hear the smack followed by just total silence until Scott gasps to the woman next to him “did that dude just hit his wife??!!” and the woman nods and Cowboy Hat abuser has now realized what he’s done and pats her head and said something like “that was harder than the demonstration required.”

Most Surprisingly Successful:

Talking About My Mistakes in a Serious Way was a Departure for Me, but People Got the Message (and nobody got hurt)
One of my favorite lines: In my heart, all I wanted in the world was to crawl in that car and tell her how sorry I was, to hug her children and her and tell her how reckless I was, how incredibly self-absorbed I was to think getting to that restaurant sooner was worth more than her children.

Most Pride Worthy:

Where My Empathy Brings Me Back to Childhood
One of my favorite lines: Constantly starving for attention, not always understanding that the attention I was getting was at my expense, or not caring. I took everything so seriously, I never got the jokes.

So, seriously, thank you to Brooke because this was a great way for me to look back and realize how much I've written that I am truly proud of.

Here's who I would love to hear from on their blogs, and thus I bequeath them this award (and even if they don't accept, you should visit them and love them as I do):

The Woven Moments
It's Blogworthy
Life with Baby Donut
Fragile X Files
Not a Perfect Mom
La Petite Pancake

And I would actually love if all of you commented on either a post of mine that's your favorite, or a post of yours you are most proud of.


The Woven Moments said...

Thanks for tagging me, lady! What's funny is that I tagged *YOU* in my post scheduled for Weds.

So officially YOU are it (again). :)

Not a Perfect Mom said...

thanks for the tag...
um Steph, that's a lot of work to do though..haha!
but this is actually one of the coolest ones I've seen, so I may have to do it...

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

This is a great post..if I can get my shit together, I'm going to totally do it.

But for now, I think the one about the TV is my favorite...after all, stats don't lie :) I'm a big fan, though, and you know that. I love everything you post. You tell great stories! Thanks for sharing some of these favs. You should put this in a "page" on your blog so people can get to them always.

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Thank you for the mention! I'm really enjoying going back and reading your older posts. I've missed out an a lot since I didn't really start reading blogs until late spring of this year!

Mads said...

I took the plunge and looked at my post history. Thanks for the inspiration, I just posted!
I love your post about Sunday Lonelies and the *almost* car accidents. You are so honest in your posts and it's really refreshing.

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...

OH! This is such a fun idea. I'm pretty new to blogging so I'm not sure if I have a favorite. But I'm pretty proud of "A Number I Am Not!"

Kat said...

Happy blogiversary! I'm with Mads - the near car accident and the Sunday lonelies were amongst my faves as well. Probably because they spoke to everyone on SO many levels.


p.s. Most Underrated was one of the most astonishing as well.

Charlotte said...

Happy blogoversary to you! We started around the same time :)

Wow with the dude slapping his wife in church.

Also, I agree with your line about cohabitation before marriage. If I didn't do it, I may be well on my way to divorce right now.

Hope all's well with you and you are having a great week!

Anonymous said...

I have the same blogging woes after doing it for so long. Love the idea of compiling your favorites after years. Can't wait to read some!

Hungrigyrl said...

So awesome!! I am glad you tagged me, I've been following you for a while so am familiar with a few of these posts but was glad to catch up on some others I may not have read. Blogging has been a wild ride hasn't it? Happy BV! ;)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Just your descriptions of these posts had me laughing, can't wait to read them!