Friday, September 23, 2011

A Flower in the Prison Cell Makes All the Difference, Don't It?

Are you sick of me whining about having to commute now?

Let's do something more fun, shall we? Let's talk decor. Namely, what do you do to make your cubicle feel like YOU?

I figure there are some basic dos and don'ts. Do keep it tasteful and simple. Don't put up religious stuff or advertise how much you like booze. But I'm just not sure how to go with it beyond that.

I have a home office that my awesome husband built. Did I mention he's awesome? Because he BUILT IT! Sadly, I am not awesome and because I tend to end up watching a lot of TV on the couch, I didn't really decorate it. My office now looks more like this.

Organizers: UNITE!

Obviously, I can't keep this kind of trashiness in a cubicle at work. So I want something orderly, personalized, something that will make me feel as at home as I can possibly feel.

Naturally, I went to Twitter first and got these great responses:

So, definitely pictures of my kiddo. And here are a few other odds and ends I have lying around that I'm considering putting in.

We call him Chairman Oink.

Also, I kind of figured I'd step into this century and give Pinterest a shot. I didn't find a lot that I feel I could realistically do, but there were a few nice ones:

I like the idea of some wallpaper.

I really love the idea of these hanging portraits. Maybe smaller ones w/ photos. But kind of serene.
Doesn't this just look so tidy and beachy??
So, share your wisdom, oh cubicle/office dwellers. How do you decorate? What's your favorite thing in your cube? Are there no-nos?


Kat said...

I just love the idea of wallpaper! I might have to source some of that for my "space."

p.s. Once I start doing the office re-org I will also be publicly exposing the disaster zone that Marcus has created in our house - solidarity, sister.

Life As Wife said...

A cute chair goes a long, long way!

And you know me, I'm not opposed to the SOXS sign either...

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

I really like those hanging portraits. Maybe a cute pillow for your chair that doubles as back support? I think a no-no would be overdoing the personal pics. A few are fine, but you don't want to wallpaper the place with it! Maybe you could find some cute online printables to hang up? I like the mason jar idea too--just wrap some cute scrapbook paper around it and tie with some twine.

Ameena said...

The truth is that my last office had zero personality. I had it painted a lovely beige and had a requisite picture of my daughter but aside from that I had no interest in decorating it. I guess I just had no plans to stick around there? Although I did hang around for 2.5 years! My home office looks fabulous though, I must say.

My advice is to get a plant, that makes all the difference in the world!

Working Mommy said...

Super cute ideas! Can't wait to see pictures of your new cubby!


KLZ said...

PiNTerest us awesome but almost all of it is over my head.

Tim F said...

Basically anything that you can make you stand the cubicle is a good cubicle. Yeah I'm not sure those pinterest ideas or doable with what you have to work with.

Charlotte said...

Ooh, I love all the photos you found (esp the first). The suggestion of putting paper clips in mason jars is totally adorable, too.

I'd give you suggestions on how to decorate but my cube looks like an 8-year-old girl works here. I have an aflac duck, stuffed animals, a muppets mousepad, and pictures of cute pets. I'm afraid I won't be much help.

Mads said...

hahaha I like that you included my creepy drug ad comment.
I think it's important to include something that makes you chuckle, as long as it is still work appropriate.
Chairman Oink might fit the bill.