About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my world! You'll see it can be a bit of an odd one...I am still getting accustomed to living the full suburban life with my amazing husband Scott, except instead of the white picket fence we have shrubbery (the association frowns on fences), instead of a labrador or golden retriever we have a slightly insane and more than slightly spoiled beagle/terrier mix,

Meet Cous Cous

and we're still working on the 2.5 kids. For now we have just the one hilariously stubborn little girl, who I fondly refer to as Wee 'Burb in these parts.

Wee 'Burb Born 11/09

 I'm making my way around the kitchen, and even venturing forth some into yardwork, so join us, won't you? We love hugs. And comments.