Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Second Childhood

You guys, there isn't much I don't love about the daycare that sparked the DAYCARE DILEMMA.

Except one major thing. They give a lot of homework.

For me.

Sunday afternoon while watching the Patriots I spent an hour searching for family photos. Because apparently next week my child will be making a family tree.

It's cool. She's not even 2 and still sees pictures of a baby and sometimes says "Momma" (yeah, I'm youthful like that), but she's going to be going all up in her toddler classroom.

I wish this was it. The week prior I spent my Sunday organizing her clothing for the week because it was Color Week and she was to wear the chosen color of the day.

Lest you think they're too structured, Friday was Favorite Color Day. Also known around these parts as Well, What Does She Still Fit Into Day (kiddo had a growth spurt, we're all reeling a bit).

You guys, I love that they expand her mind, I truly do. I find things like book orders and School Picture Day adorable and goofy.

But this requires actual work on my part, and I just don't have the energy. I feel especially bad for the people there who have school-age kids with ACTUAL homework and permission slips and the like who now have to add color coordination to their already packed to-do list.

But maybe they don't feel the need to be A++ Valedictorian Mom and I just have issues with perfectionism?

No that can't be it.

Can't you just put up a color wheel like everyone else? Can't you draw a stick figure in a dress and call it Momma? Or...okay, a stick figure in work pajamas. I've spent close to two hours on these projects and I'm pretty sure the highlight of Wee 'Burb's day will STILL be snack time.

Anyone else have overzealous school preparedness daycares? Am I just overly cranky and denying my child a great education?


By Word of Mouth Musings said...

LOL Heaven help you in the years to come ;)
Everyone knows that the kids who gets the best grades are the one's where all their work is done by the parents - projects and all!

Kat said...

"all up in her toddler classroom."

OMFG. I think this might be one of my favorite Steph-isms of all time.

The only craft I remember making in preschool was a pop-up groundhog for groundhog day. And I don't even remember it that well because I had to go to pre-K raediness testing that day.

Missy said...

This kind of thing drives me crazy! Schools that assign things that clearly can't be done by the child. Helloooooo? WE already went to school - and don't need to again.

Good luck. What a pain.

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

That does seem like a little much at this age. Just let them be kids for a while, you know?

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Yeah, I'd be annoyed by it, too, especially she she has no real idea what "color day" really means! I agree with Rach...can't they just play and have a good time? You're going to have 18 years of this when she finally starts real school!

Hungrigyrl said...

that is a lot! my son just has share day on Tuesdays and I have a hard enough time picking something out with him that starts with the "letter of the week". That is about all I can handle!

Ameena said...

I wish that Maya's daycare had done even the slightest bit of school preparation but nope, it was all my responsibility. After work this was not my priority so I really had to pick up the pace when she started kindergarten.