Friday, September 9, 2011

Back on the Wagon

You guys, I had a wee bit too much vacation on my vacation, if ya know what I mean. I drank Dunkaccinos almost every day (please, Minnesota, get a Dunkin Donuts IMMEDIATELY), I drank some fabulous wine on the fabulous porch, and I enjoyed so much fried fish, I may have sprouted gills.

I had to face the music when I got back. I was most afraid of my new personal trainer, John. He was surprisingly easy on me. Easier than I was on myself when I saw myself in those gym mirrors. SHUDDER.

Epic diet fail, people.

My roommate and I also admitted that we spent the day I got back in my parents' hot tub (she's house-sitting) drinking Prosecco and downing a family-size pizza.

Sunday we got together and decided we had to get back on the wagon. We took out my humongo binder of recipes and set about creating a meal plan.

Instead of doing just a weekly plan, we decided to come up with entree/side combinations for about three weeks and shop every Sunday based on grocery store sales and what we could get at the farmer's market.

When we were done, we were both sort of shocked we hadn't thought of this before. Meal plans can feel so restrictive sometimes. And sometimes you just can't stomach 3 chicken dishes in one week. Sometimes the broccolini just looks so damn good at Trader Joe's, you must have it.

Anyone with me?

Anyway, it's great. Or it will be when we start it next week. We are trying almost 80% new recipes, including veggie sides. We're integrating some good fall-like foods like sweet potatoes.

It's amazing how having a plan can make you feel skinnier in moments.

We also may or may not have set our weight loss goals based on New England Patriots goals.

What? We're kind of dudes sometimes. It happens.

What do you do when you go totally off your meal and/or fitness plan? Do you dive back in or do you have to phase in? Do you go nutty on vacation or stay on plan?


Brooke said...

My scales seem to indicate that I have not been doing something right as far as my diet and fitness plan as well. Stupid scales.

I'm blaming it on the allergies and my lack of desire lately.

And I think I need some new music on my MP3 player.

Kat said...

I used to make really militant meal plans with specific sides, but the past few weeks I have been listing main courses/leftovers in the freezer as well as side dish options and have been finding the whole affair to be far more effective.

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

I seriously need to meal plan b/c winging it just isn't cutting it for me anymore. We splurge on fast food and then I feel gross.

Can you do a post on how you organize your recipes? I've got recipes everywhere--folders, binders, on Pinterest, bookmarked. Who knows where else?

Aleta said...

I need a meal plan where I can cook something on the weekend and freeze it to last through the week, multiple meals, because true, food gets boring if you eat it too often!

Working Mommy said...

So for every touch down you have to lose 2 pounds?? That seems doable to me!!


Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...

Having a meal plan in place is key to help me loose weight.

This summer...there has been no plan. No meal plan, no workout plan. And I'm paying for it now. *sigh*

Hungrigyrl said...

Sounds like a good plan! I just got back from a gluttonous girls weekend. I need to get back on some kind of wagon quick!

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I always go crazy on vacations, and usually just try to get back on it when I get home. I've been collecting recipes on Pinterest lately and it's gotten me excited about cooking again. When i do, I always enjoy it so much. Then we go to eat and it's so convenient, it's really hard for me to go back to cooking.

The first two on that list look AMAZING.

Ameena said...

I feel like I eat better on vacation than I do at home because I am SO busy that food seems like an afterthought. But working at home can be bad when food is staring you in the face constantly!

Anonymous said...

YES! We need a dunkin donuts. I remember being shocked when I moved here that people didn't even know of them.

I am awful at sticking to meal plans. Vacations, birthday's, parties there are so many things that frequently knock me off kilter.