Monday, September 5, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes...

So, after multiple different managers and departments, the edict has been finally handed down: I will no longer be a full-time telecommutercome October. While my new arrangement will be helpful career-wise, it will also mean a huge change in my day-to-day life.

Let me break it down for you: when I started full-time telecommuting, I had just purchased a house, I was newly engaged, I wasn't even 30 yet.

Things have changed a bit since then. I take Wee 'Burb to her daycare in workout clothes. I only apply concealer when absolutely even less often. My hair is in a ponytail so often than the times I do take it down, Wee 'Burb is fascinated that I actually have hair.

Also? I haven't put on work clothes in years. Among the fears I had about commuting, waking up before 6:30, and having to be presentable before coffee, my biggest fear is what I will wear. 

And then it hit me, this vague memory that before I was working at home full-time, I had clothes I wore to work. In fact, I recalled having quite a few pants I had paid good money to have tailored about 6 months before I was told I could work at home. 

But where were they? I looked for a full week and gave up. Then late one night while watching the Red Sox kick some butt, it occurred to me that there was one place I hadn't looked. I had mostly cleaned out the closet my roommate now uses, but I recalled I had stuck a bin or two there that hadn't fit anywhere else. 

After completely dismantling the closet, I found it! The bin labeled "Steph's Closet" that held a treasure trove of tailored delight. 

Remember me saying I had basically none of the top 10 Gunn recommendations? Well, I still kind of am missing some things but I did find 8 pair of tailored dress pants, 3 black skirts, 1 white button-down shirt, and 2 nice wrap dress shirts.

So I'm feeling good and then I see this! 50 CLASSICS????  I couldn't even make the top 10.

Allow me to share my feelings about the 50 classics.

What are your thoughts on the 50 classics? When is "classics" outdated? Does anyone know what an Oxford Shirt is????


Working Mommy said...

Holy Heck - 50?!?! There is no way I could find everything on that list that is affordable AND/OR that fits! Good luck, my dear!


Sparkling said...

Ok, so the biggest question is--- does that stuff all still fit you post baby and post work from home? After all the work trying to find them, I should sure hope so!

I live in khakis and variations of loafers. I don't own a pencil anything, but leggings and skinny jeans are in and I own a couple of those. I own a million skirts, many of them mini. Guess I am more classic than I ever would have known. I'm a real trendsetter, yesiree.

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...

I think I might have 5 of the things on that list...and that's a stretch! I live in jeans and 3/4" v-neck shirts in the fall/winter and capri's t-shirts and tanks in the summer. Just call me Mrs. Fashion-NOT-sta!

Hungrigyrl said... do you feel about not being able to work from home? Good, bad, whatever?? Dressing up is fun, initally and then you'll get burned out on it. I don't thin you need all 50 of these items, WTH is lace underpinnings anyway? LOL. My go to basics are, black slacks, skirts, and heels. Of course dark brown and grey shoes are good options. Definitely a white button down, and a couple more in other colors. 3 dresses - dresses are great because when you are in a rush, its only one thing you have to worry about vs. a skirt/blouse combo that you have to match,etc. Once it starts getting colder, 3 sweaters that can go with your slacks or skirts - solids are safe, you can always accessorize with jewelry or a patterned shirt underneath that shows through. Good luck and have fun!

Kat said...

I'll be honest, I'm That Girl who has most of the classics on the list. But at an early age, my mother taught me the sensibility of wearing fake earrings. Because when you lose one, it makes you want to die if they're for real.

I'm SO glad that you found those clothes. That was basically the best text ever.

p.s. Yes, I have some Coach loafers and love them 11/10. They're definitely something that you have to wear when you're In The Mood.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Tim Gunn I trust...this other thing? Nope. Sorry. Umbrella? Really? Am I an Asian tourist? Please. Also to cotton mini, unless I'm headed to a fraternity party for some miller high life, I won't be wearing a cotton mini of any kind.

The Woven Moments said...

I think if I wore a navy wool blazer I'd be fired. Just sayin'.

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

@ Sparkling: It does fit! That's the best part! I'll have to write more on the dream that this was.

@HungriGyrl: I'm not thrilled about being back in the office. I mean, part of me is excited to dress up and be a real working person, but I know that will wear thin, esp. given winter is approaching and I could be looking at a commute of more than an hour.

@Kat: I would agree w/ the fakes. Because I'm cheap. Wee 'Burb has lost her diamonds a few times. We usually find them somewhere in her sheets, but a few mos ago she totally lost one and I was a mess. I begged my dad to stop buying them but he's at least it's not my $. But other than my diamond ring, I don't own jewelry that is over $100.

Ameena said...

Saving on commute time is the BEST thing about telecommuting. But I do miss wearing some of my nice clothes. Tim Gunn's advice would totally be something I'd follow - because I am quite hopeless when it comes to clothing - but 50? Really? That seems...excessive.

Charlotte said...

Yea, I dunno what to think about this list either. But I do own a jean jacket. What?! Not cool anymore?! Come on--I removed the pins and everything! :p

Anonymous said...

A signet ring?! How could you possibly survive without a signet ring? (Kidding.) I'm sorry to hear that after years of telecommuting, you will have to endure traffic and dress for success on a daily basis. A bummer for sure. I hope you all transition well.