Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Troops are Descending!

All of my out-of-town co-workers are coming to Minnesota for a meeting this coming week, and I thought it was a good idea to host a little get-to-know-you cocktail party the night everyone arrives. Two weeks ago when I brought this idea up to my very enthusiastic boss, it seemed like a great idea. A week ago when I finalized plans, it seemed like an okay idea. Today, it seems like a really, really, REALLY bad idea.

What I didn’t know two weeks ago was that because most of my co-workers are traveling from the East coast to get here, they’d essentially be gone for most of Tuesday and most of Friday traveling back and forth. Well, apparently our clients don’t care about that? Can you believe it? I mean they want to sell their wares while I am trying to get ready to host a party. The nerve! And since I am one of the few who doesn’t have to travel, I am the fortunate individual who gets the privilege of handling all the deadlines that interfere with the travel dates. A lot of deadlines. 12-hour-day deadlines. Ripping hair out deadlines.

So, yesterday and today were spent making up for the week of things I was supposed to do last week while I was tearing my hair out and nearing the point where I hit the fetal position and curse the day I ever said “I love entertaining, it’s no problem.” Turns out, it’s not super easy to cram a week’s worth of stuff in two days. Particularly when you have a baby who clings to mommy like a spider monkey on a football. I can barely go to the bathroom without a meltdown, much less clean my house, get the food, plan the food, and clean the entire outside of my house.

Right, the outside of my house. Have I mentioned I haven’t exactly developed a green thumb? Or that we sort of never replaced the patio chairs we borrowed, and then returned? The list of things we’ve been too lazy or too cheap to do all of a sudden piled up, and this is pretty much what our day consisted of.

Thank GOODNESS for my husband and friend, who helped while I dealt with aforementioned spider monkey half the day. Apparently Wee ‘Burb doesn’t love sitting outside while mom plants flowers. Apparently she wants food and attention or something. Rotten kid.

Anyway, so that’s my explanation as to why I haven’t posted, and it serves as a warning to anyone local that if you do hear screams of “what the hell was I thinking??” it’s just me reminding myself to never volunteer again.


Kristy said...

Cocktail parties should be relaxing and buzzy. As long as it is at someone else's place, right?

Small Town Mommy said...

It sounds like things are crazy. You sound like the hostess with the mostess. Good luck! I hate outside stuff.