Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My First Guest Post!

The blogosphere is such a funny thing. I actually said to someone "my friend let me do a guest post on her blog." Isn't it strange how "friend" has become such a stretchy word now? I mean, I have like 200 Facebook friends, but I'm frequently alone on a Friday night. How does that work? I suppose the same way it works with my blog buddies, who I feel like I know even though we've not met in person. Some of the conversations I've had with fellow bloggers have been deeper than people I call my friends.

Anyway, E over at E, Myself, and I is a great bloggy friend (bluddy? bluggy? Froggy?) and has let me do a guest post on how to convince your partner that it's baby time in honor of the fact that she's on a long road trip with her hubby where she plans to start planting the seeds (pun intended) about baby-making. See my tips and show her (and me) some love. Thanks!

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Lindsay @ http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ said...

I totally understand this. It really feels like you know certain blog pals. I've actually made some friends through the blog world that turned out to be freinds in the real world and it's just awesome!