Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Lists and the Organizers that Let Me List

Do you ever do something that you think nobody else does? Or at least so few people do that you’d still be considered a huge freak if you ever admitted to it, and therefore you keep it to yourself as a secret shame?

That used to be me and lists. I thought I was alone in the extreme euphoria I felt when making a list, organizing it just so, and then I saw these bad boys and I felt reborn.

Allow me to give you a list of my favorite lists to make:  
  • Christmas Lists: I keep one all year long and update it once a month. Actually, I keep two - one in my phone and one on Amazon.
  • Packing Lists: Traveling used to be so fun and relaxing. The only good thing to come out of liquid restrictions and all that hoopla now means I get to add “to buy at location” list, along with the “pack in suitcase” and “pack in carry-on” lists. It’s the little things.
  • And last, but so very much NOT least, grocery lists. My FAVORITE list is a grocery list. I just love digging through my recipes for the week, and going through the fridge and cabinets and cleaning them out, making room for the new food for the new meals.

 I organize my grocery list according to aisle or shopping section…that’s just how I roll, people!

 Seriously, though, organizing it that way cuts down significantly on the time you spend in the store, plus minimizes impulse buys. If you’re anything like me, that saves both money AND pounds.

Then I go through my coupons and mark which ones have a coupon. It’s a weird ritual, and it makes me so happy. And now, thanks to this awesome list pad, it’s all organized!

If grocery lists aren’t your thing, the good folks at Buttoned Up also carry errand lists, general to-do lists, and other fun pads to help you have fun organizing.

Now tell me, are you a list person? Do you do yours daily or weekly? Are you a cross-out or check-mark person? Share your shame, People!


Small Town Mommy said...

I have an amazing shopping list app on my phone. I can organize it by aisle the way my grocery store is organized and it offers me coupons which it will then email to me to print out.

Kristy said...

I am a MAJOR HUGE list person. Love it. Need to do it. I am right there with you on your favorite lists, and not only that, I have a grocery list "template" on my computer!! I print a bunch out so I can grab one each week and it already has my "usual" stuff on it, organized into aisles, and all I have to do is cross off, or add to for the dinners for the week. I also keep a weekly to do list, in addition to the xmas list and gift ideas for others. When we go on a trip, WATCH OUT, I start my lists. My family teases me all the time, but I tell you now, my lists have SAVED us many times. I rarely forget things. I am such a huge nerd that I am excited just typing this comment. Ok, I am scaring you. I will stop. (I've even made grocey templates for my friend and her favorite grocery store.) Ok, I'll stop now.

Lindsay @ said...

I'm not a list person, but I would totally benefit from using them more often. I'm so impressed that you keep a running Christmas list all year. I'm sure that cuts down on holiday stress big time!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Small Town: I gotta get me an iphone

Kristy: You didn't scare me, you made me happy. I actually gasped when I read you had a template. I am so stealing that idea when this pad runs out!!

Lindsay: You GOTTA get on the list bandwagon. Plus you're taking classes, right? I use an assignment notebook for my daily to-do list and it's magical. The Christmas list is great, mostly because I forget half the time what I want. So if I see something I want, I rush to write it down so I don't forget. Same when I am with someone who mentions they like something. Those lists save SO much time!