Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You Can't Take Me Anywhere!

So our first date of the 12 Dates of Christmas was to The Heartland in St. Paul. The restaurant is dedicated to using small farms and sourcing their food from the Midwest and Canada.

We shared a cheese plate that had the most amazing honey I have ever tasted. Scott had the grass-fed beef osso bucco and I had the chestnut ravioli. Both were beautiful and flavorful.

But the highlight of our date night? The bread and butter. I am not a butter person, I rarely use it. So when I do, I tend to go to Brummel and Brown or another light butter or yogurt-based spread.

So I ask the waitress "what did you guys put in the butter, it is AMAZING!"

And she kind of smirks and Scott covers his face a little and they both answer: "Nothing."

She informed me it was like 80% butter fat or something.

And this, my friends, is why you can't take my anywhere.


MsBabyPlan said...

Don't worry I am like that sometimes. But think it won't be fun if everyone was so serious about food and never asked a question. It was a compliment to the restaurant :)!

I think men are all the same though always shy if their other halves ask a question ;)!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to try The Heartland. Another place that has ridiculous butter is Salut on France. The bread is average, but they do some sort of truffle salt thing that's insane.

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

@ Tenaciously: go now! Also, too funny. Salut is where Scott and I had our first date. We went back for our 1st anniversary and we weren't as impressed with the food. So now we just pick somewhere new to go every year.