Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where I Test to See How Fast You Can Hit the Unfollow Button

On Saturday afternoon it was like a gabillion degrees below zero. Deciding to stay in for the day (or well, not so much deciding as capitulating to a universe that allows weather to exist that prompts frostbite within, oh, say, 12 seconds after leaving your home), we let Wee 'Burb hang with us on the couch and watch some TV.

Yup, we’re bad parents, what of it?

One of our her favorite shows is Sid the Science Kid. What? She’s 14 months, she tooootally gets it.

The following is snippets of our conversation while watching with her:

Scott: Hey! I think they changed her dance!
Stephanie: Which one, the lesbian one? [Yes, we outed a PBS character, what of it?]
Scott: No, no. Wait, they changed the lesbian one’s dance, too!
Stephanie: Huh, hers is still pretty gay.

Suzie the Teacher: Data or dahta if you prefer.
Scott: Isn’t it just data?
Stephanie: I think it is. Dahta is annoying. It’s data.
Scott: I know it is because of Star Trek.
Stephanie: Huh?
Scott: There was a whole episode. The mean [language cleaned up] doctor kept calling him Dahta and he was like “that’s not my name” and she was like “what’s the difference?” and he’s like “well, one’s my name and one’s not.”
Stephanie: Ah. Interesting. [This is called choosing your battles, people. Were I to argue the merits of whether accepted vernacular should be determined by Star Trek episodes, I’d be entering a can of wormholes I am just not willing to deal with on a Saturday.]

Stephanie: Oooh is this the one with the chart song?
Scott: Yes, it is. I know you love it.
Stephanie: I do! That song turns me on.
Scott: Sing it, then.
Stephanie: I don’t remember the words! I just remember the message was that charts are good.

Stephanie: Did they just call Gerald a Mexican? Cuz that kid could not be whiter.
Scott: I think they said “here he comes again.”
Stephanie: Ah, that makes more sense.

What was Wee 'Burb doing this whole time you ask?


Kristen said...

such a cute picture! I've never heard of that show, though to be honest I feel as if I"m not missing anything! lol My 2 year old could care less about t.v. and thankfully the 7 year old likes to watch movies that I like too, like Spiderman, Ironman, the fantastic disney movies.... now if only he'd like things such as Beaches, 27 Dresses, The Wedding Date.... wishful thinking right? :)

Christina said...

hahah, this is hilarious! i love that you outed a pbs character. good for you, she probably needed to come out of the damn closet anyway. :) said...

I'm just glad that the whole family could get involved ;) Obviously the Teletubbies were an epic fail in this regard.

Wee 'Burb's pigtails are adorable! said...

So my 5-year-old has never seen Sid the Science Kid but seriously, aren't all these shows just...terrible?

I'm just as bad of a parent as you, if not worse. My kid watches 30 minutes of TV a day and I swear to you they are the best 30 minutes of my day!

theworkinghousewife said...

Hahaha.. I was just watching this show (for the first time) this morning with my niece.. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

P.s. Your kid is sooo cute! :)