Monday, January 3, 2011

Did I Say That??

Apparently the image option isn't exactly working correctly, so turn your computer sideways or trust me that they're making out.

In the past week, I’ve said some things I never thought I would say to another human being. I don’t mean this in a regretful way, or that I had to tell hard truths or anything.

Well, maybe they were.

As a mom, I knew I would one day have to utter things like “because I said so” and “for your own good” and “I’m the mom, THAT’S why.”

But never did I expect to utter the following, on a continuous loop for, oh, like every 30 minutes EVERY DAY:

“Wee ‘Burb, we don’t French kiss the puppy.”


Small Town Mommy said...

Sadly, that isn't even the worst thing she will put in her mouth. The puppy is really cute. I can understand wanting to give him a little kiss.

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

I could live with a little kiss. The constant spit swapping is a bit much. Also, it now translates to people so when she gives baby kisses, she super aggressively uses her tongue.

Kristen said...

that's hilarious! My 2yr old went through that face, he was constantly frenching every dog... I tried to teach him to just do it to our dogs instead of stranger dogs but he just didn't listen! (kidding about that part!) Super gross!

Mandi said...

LOL that is hilarious - hey at least you know she'll grow to be a dog person! =) BTW, your comment about Modern Family - I am totally in love with Cam too! I love the episode where his mom is getting a little too touchy feely for Mitchell and all the stuff he goes thru to get Cam to notice, so freaking funny!

LambAround said...

Cute! I'm not sure why the photo is sideways, but Blogger has done this to my photos a few times too. And you can and should eat the super-healthy chia seeds, though I wouldn't recommend the ones that come with a Chia Pet :) said...

Oh lord. I almost started crying I was laughing so hard reading this post and the caption accompanying the picture.

Keep on fighting the good fight, sista.