Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

We have a real live cat lady living in our neighborhood! I mean classic insane cat lady like the one on the Simpsons. Know how we know? Because she WALKS HER CATS every day!!

Scott brought her to my attention awhile ago while Wee ‘Burb and I were still recovering from her rather chaotic entry into this world. He had gone out on a particularly chilly day to encourage Cous Cous to spend her energy on eating grass rather than my comforter and new toys we’d just purchased for Wee ‘Burb.

So he’s halfway through the path behind our house and this insane lady stops him and says he and Cous Cous can’t go any further. Scott’s so nice because I would so be in her face like “lady, I pay $200 a year to this association, and they barely plow half of these paths. This is the ONLY route in which my dog will go and I can still walk without needing snowshoes, so BACK OFF.” But, you know, that’s me.

So he, instead, kindly asks her what’s going on and she starts screeching “kitty, kitty!” and then instead of a kitty, a big black mangy dog comes running out. So Scott’s thinking perhaps this woman, ironically or insanely, has named her dog “Kitty”. But, in fact, in addition to letting her dog off his leash, she has let her cats off their leashes and now they’re missing.

Cats… leashes.

So now that Wee ‘Burb and I are back to walking, I convince a friend of mine to walk with us and we run into this frantic looking woman with crazy red-streaked black and grey hair and this weird pilled flannel fleece shirt. She’s followed by a soaking wet mangy black dog. I nudge my friend and whisper “Do you think she’s the one Scott was talking about?”

And then we both see she’s holding several leashes in her hand and creepily yelling “kitty?? KITTY?” and my friend and I are about to pass out from holding in our giggles.

I didn’t realize I thought Scott was exaggerating or embellishing until right when I saw her and went “Oh my GOD, she IS real!”


Lindsay @ said...

They exist! The only thing that could make this story crazier is if she is calling kitties that aren't hers to begin with so she can have more!

Tasha said...

I wish I had a crazy cat lady on my block. My kids would pee their pants from laughing at seeing a cat on a leash.