Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh, The Shame or How I Failed as a Toddler Parent Part #342

Dear Parent,

It has come to our attention that your child has shown up to school without some requested Learning Material. We understand you may be used to a home school environment, where you merely walked across the street in your pajamas and willingly dropped your child off with a mixed-age group of bandits to do God knows what with Nobody knows who.

We here at La Petite Academy* expect something a little different from our Parents. We have carefully laid out a curriculum to make your daughter a productive member of society. As such, we expect that our Parents not only participate in, but also embrace our philosophy of collective learning.

Perhaps you look at your child and simply see a teething diaper-wearing toddler on the precipice of discovering the potty and a big girl bed. You scoff: but she's not even two years old!

Well, Parent, we here at La Petite Academy expect just a little more from our Parents. We expect involvement in your child's curriculum. After all, do you think President Barack Obama got where he is today by having a Mother who simply ignored a calendar curriculum? Had she said to herself "Oh, I am so busy, my toddler is throwing tantrums today, I can't be bothered to bring in the required Learning Material," what would have become of the man we know today?

I think our point is clear, Dear Parent. We respectfully request that you reconsider your lack of participation in this matter and bring in your pre-presidential child's required Learning Material at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter.


La Petite Academy Faculty, Toddler Director

*Names changed to protect the innocent
** Okay, here's what really was sent home, but the message is clear, no?

*** My shame knows no bounds.


Kat said...

Next thing you know, Wee 'Burb is going to be acting out by sticking gum in the other kids hair or gluing her fingers together or something mischevious like that.

I love that the choice is pet OR stuffed animal. Magnificent.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

What the......dude, that day care is too much work!! Jesus! I would probably go clinically insane if I had to deal with that. So glad right now for my in home provider who just needs fresh diapers. ;)

SmartBear said...

ACK! 4 year old came home last week with homework! They want the kids to practice writing certain letters every week. It's ridiculous!

Sparkling said...

Wait, it actually says MY PROVIDER???? Wow. What a place. They have official forms and everything! Must be quite a change from hey steph, i need some diapers- come to the front door,i'll toss you some!!

Shell said...

Oh, I'm forever forgetting things like that!

KLZ said...

Oh man. This is why daycare is the worst. They really pile on the guilt.

Not that I'd know anything about it.

Missy said...

Would you get more demerits if you said you don't have any current family pics? :)

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