Monday, March 7, 2011

Waking at the Carwash, Yeah!

So for those of you not following me on Twitter (for shame, people!), I had a bit of that pesky Momnesia that's going around.

So my first Tweet came while I was waiting in line for a car wash.

Allow me to explain. Last week was the Perfect Storm in suburbia. Scott had a work trip, my roommate was dog-sitting, and my daycare provider was on vacation. Yeah.

Thank God for my mother-in-law who dropped in to help me in the afternoon, because after starting a new job in January and planning some time off in April, work wasn’t going to be super keen on me taking a week off so my daycare lady could go to California.

My mother-in-law took Wee ‘Burb EVERYWHERE. Which was great, except that the kid was so wired when the days were done, there was zero chance she would take an afternoon nap.

Which meant right around 4:00 she was so punchy, it was like living with a drunk. A happy drunk, but still a rather out-of-control-needing-to-go-to-bed-break-into-giggles-at-the-word-“off” kind of drunk.

So it was important to me on this day that she actually nap. And so I’d figured even if it was a half hour, it might stave off the sillies.

As we pull into the wash, I start to freak out a bit. I had forgotten just how loud those things are when those washers get going!

I turn to look and see if she’s disturbed. Just as I let out a sigh of relief, I see her jump up and look at me like I had smacked her. Not because of the noise. But instead, well, see Tweet 2.

Yup, somehow the window didn’t roll up all the way with the shade and my baby was now wearing my $8 extra soapy carwash.

I climbed back as fast as I could to get the window closed before it came back around, breaking the shade in the process. I looked at her, she grinned. I tested her. “Off?”

Insane giggles.

Long night, people. Looooong night.

Never been so happy to see my daycare provider as I was this morning. Now she’s her problem.

I mean, uh…no, you know what? I mean exactly what I wrote.

It was a long week, people, a looong week.


SmartBear said...

I am laughing out loud...for reals. That is super hilarious. Yay for Monday! Hmmm?

LambAround said...

Bwah ha ha! Though, I'm not 100% convinced this was an accident ;)

Anonymous said...

My gosh, we all find 5 minutes of peace and quiet wherever we can, don't we? I can't say that I've done it at the car wash but you just opened up a whole new world for my Stephanie! Thank you for that.

And also? Every morning I am delighted to hand off Maya to her teacher...and I too think, "Wow, she's her problem for the next 7 hours! Yay!"

Anonymous said...

Oh, lady! I die. I just die. I don't even want to invoke Murphy's law in this instance because it's much.more.than.that.

I guess it's good you didn't opt-in for the Blue Supreme.

Christina said...

that is hilarious!

Kristen said...

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