Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goal Gut Check: February

It’s time for a goal gut-check, my friends. Did you guys lose steam like me? February was a tough month for me because it involved some very last-minute work travel. For most people, that’s no biggie, but for someone who has been living in her work pajamas the last few years, it presented more than a little challenge.

So here is my run-down.
Goals for February:
  1. Make up a meal plan every Sunday night. I got two Sundays out of the month. I give myself a C on this because when I did make the meal plans, a lot of the week I didn’t feel like making what I had planned. I got in a mega food funk. Do you ever have that? Where you are hungry, but nothing appeals to you and nothing satisfies you? Not good times. 
  2. One vegetarian meal a week (can include fish). This I did if you include english muffins with peanut butter vegetarian? Yes? I did have an excellent almond lemon fish dish that I will surely repeat. And I did BUY some orange roughy which I’ve yet to attack. And I have started replacing our sides with veggies instead of starch. So I’m giving myself a solid B on this, for at least sticking to the intent. 
  3. One new cookbook recipe. I am so sad I did not take a picture of this one, guys. I made turkey enchiladas that were OUT OF THIS WORLD! I have a favorite turkey chimichanga recipe that may have just been replaced. I want to take a picture, though, before I share the recipe, because the recipe looks bizarro. A+ for me on this one! 
  4. Declutter bathroom closet.  FAIL
  5. Try one new workout class or video. I did try a new workout video on our Exercise TV On Demand. It was a Red Carpet Makeover one with Stephanie Vittorino. I liked the workout, but she had a very distracting camel-toe situation in the beginning that made it a teensy bit difficult for me to pay attention. What? I’m 12 years old sometimes, I can’t help it.
Goals for March:

  1. Meal Plan around coupons. I let a lot of coupons expire this last month because I wasn’t organized. I need to try to incorporate coupons when I can to keep our grocery bill on goal.
  2. One fish dish a week.
  3. One new slow cooker dish. I recently made a slow cooker meatloaf and it was great. It made me realize that I don’t use that little bad boy enough. And also, it made a huge difference in my day. Typically I cook after I pick Wee ‘Burb up from daycare. She’s very lovey and snuggly after not seeing me all day, so I am often trying to hold her and cook at the same time. Having it prepped and in the slow cooker made our time together a lot better.
  4. Declutter bathroom closet.
  5. Do one 45-minute workout a week. Because I usually work out on my lunch hour, I usually only do 20-30 minutes, but as I have a wedding coming up, I need to get cracking. This may mean getting up early…dread.
So, spill! What are your goals for March? Do you ever feel stifled by meal plans or go through food funks? 


SmartBear said...

I meal plan and shop and prep the produce every Sunday. And every Sunday I tell myself I hate it. But every week I feel really good about it come Monday. Have you heard of the cookbook "Time for Dinner"? I love it so much and it has completely changed the way I cook.
I tried the fish once a week thing awhile back and I threw in the towel. I LOVE shellfish: shrimp, scallops, crab, you name it. But I loathe all other fish. We do shellfish once a week and I can feel good about that. We also do vegetarian at least once a week, which has been easier than I thought!
Good luck in March! Love that I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

I definitely go through food funks. I made it a goal/resolution to start cooking new recipes every week because we were in SUCH a rut. What I will say about the planning, is that it has cut our food costs and we're never starving for lack of something interesting. You know?

Not a Perfect Mom said...

personally I feel meal plans are a wonderful idea...
and I would love it if you could do one for me too.

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Smart Bear: Thanks for stopping by. I loved your blog and followed it. Hope you'll be back! I am going to check out the cookbook you mentioned.

Tenaciously: when I do meal plan, it cuts costs and we don't waset foo. It's just been recently that I kind of feel blah about my choices.

Not a Perfect: glad to see you! Meal plans definitely take some time to create, but it does make a difference when I'm not being a crabby patty. And in fairness, my only meal to plan is dinner :)

Hungrigyrl said...

I've got some goals! I've been doing ok in the eating and working out department but I need to cut back on sweets, especially when I am at work. So, definitely to be better about that, and also to clean out the medicine cabinets in 2 bathrooms. Every time I open them stuff falls out. Lastly, we need to take down this life-size nut cracker from CHRISTMAS - I know, which is up on this landing and was lit up in an open window during the holidays. Instead of taking it down, we closed the blinds. LOL