Monday, March 28, 2011

Make a U-Turn When Possible

So, my brother got married this weekend. I got a new sister and it all went off quite beautifully. Particularly because after her non-walking flower girl duties were over, we left Wee ‘Burb with Scott’s sister and we had the night to ourselves to dance and imbibe a few adult beverages and just generally relax.

We managed to keep our drinking to a reasonable volume and get to bed at a reasonable time. We both woke up like two different people. I said to Scott: “Seven hours of sleep uninterrupted by dog and baby is like seven weeks of sleep!”

Giddy, we decided to partake of the overpriced brunch at the hotel. In the middle of my eggs benedict, I had a bad feeling in my gut.

I looked at Scott and whispered: “I think I left my GPS sitting out in the car.”

Guys, I NEVER leave my GPS out. EVER. We have a real problem in Suburbia of cars getting broken into for GPS and iPods. So I’m cautious. I usually carry it in a case in my purse. But Cous Cous ate the case. Yeah, I don’t know, either.

Also, I have a blown fuse and so one of our doors doesn’t lock with the automatic keychain thingy. That was the door where we had hung our suit and dress and such. I doubted highly we remembered to lock that when we were carrying luggage, the baby, and precious clothing.

Scott kind of rolls his eyes and does his I need to be patient with my paranoid wife voice and says: “Stephanie, nobody cares about GPS anymore, that’s like old technology.”

I shrug, let it go. Get to the car and stare at my very empty GPS holder. I look at Scott. He convinces me to check around the car. I start to get really upset, feeling ooky and violated.

So then I go to plug Scott’s phone in the charger and realize…they left me the GPS charger and took my cell phone charger. So now I’m doubly pissed because I have to buy a new GPS, and now a new car charger.

And then we’re driving and I get that feeling again.

I look at Scott and say: “we have our home address plugged into the GPS.”

So let’s just say I didn’t sleep well and today has been a rather edgy day as I wait for these criminals to come and grab me and my virtue along with my GPS charger.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel.
Last year our GPS was stolen from the center console of our car - right on our street. My car locking buttons weren't working properly and I didn't lock the car apparently, and somebody must have been walking by and noticed and stole my GPS and randomly made a mess in their - clearly in search of anything else really cool. I felt so violated - I still do when I think about it. Plus, there were tons of addresses in my GPS of family and friends.

SmartBear said...

I would freak out too. So sorry! What a bummer way to end a fab night!

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

This is exactly why my husband is such a paranoid freak about locking every door, house, back door, etc. Sounds like you dealt with it pretty well though. I would have been in tears.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's absolutely awful! I would have been a total mess.

If I were you, I'd probably be roaming the house with a rolling pin (or one of those ridiculously huge flashlights) in-hand. Get in-touch with your gangsta self.

Shell said...

Oh, that is scary! I try to remember to take ours out of the holder and put it down on the floor.

How ANNOYING about the charger, though!

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

that is no good! I have my GPS in my car right now...maybe I should go get it...
and Thanks for your comment chica! that organization took me FOREVER...I went to bed at one that night and started around 8:30pm lol but it was so worth it! loved reading you post!

Caren with a "C" said...

Hmmm... maybe that is what is wrong with my door lock! I have the same problem. If they are going to sell it, they will want to delete all that stuff so it can't be traced as to who the owner is. So maybe there is a good chance that someone doesn't have your home address. I worry about garage door openers being in the car. Especially if your car is in the driveway. We have a switch to turn off the garage door opener at night so it won't work while we are sleeping.

Heather said...

I am so sorry you got crimed!!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

My husband chastized me for putting our address into the GPS. Apparently you're supposed to just put the nearest intersection in it. I'm not that technologically advanced so my GPS practically says "it's the big white house on the right and she probably forgot to lock the basement door too..."

I hope your criminals are satisfied with just the GPS unit and that your peace of mind returns soon!

Kimberly said...

So true about suburbia and thefts from cars. I refuse to even leave 25 cents in the cupholder. They're ruthless....

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Thanks, all, for your sympathy and empathy. Fortunately I am still alive and well. And when I get my new (well, new to me, it will prob be from ebay) GPS, I am taking Joey's advice and only putting the intersection in.