Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Bad Insurance Should Get Me SOMETHING, RIGHT?

Recently, Wee ‘Burb has taken to emptying my purse. I thought stealing mom’s credit card and keys was a teenage thing, but apparently not.

She especially loves to take the credit cards out of their slots. I allow this because it keeps her quiet for 12 seconds. These days that’s a precious gift.

So, a friend of mine and I signed up for a candlelight yoga session as part of our 2011 goal of taking some different gym classes. I grab my cell phone case and toss in my debit card and license.

After a wonderful hour-long session of yoga, we both agree we could use some wine. We have a favorite wine. It’s cheap and light. Perfect to accompany some languid watching of Scared Straight and Celebrity Rehab.

I pay the nice lady for the wine and we head home.

Later that night I am putting my cards back in order when my blood goes cold. The card I have pulled out of my cell phone case? The one I used at a LIQUOR STORE to purchase WINE?

Is my health savings account card.

Do you think I can make a case to the good people at my insurance company that the wine was medicinal?


rs said...

According to Dr Phil and Dr O you should be able to at least make an argument. Then if they have any sense of humor they should let it slid. Beside a lot of over the counter medication and mouth washes have a higher alcohol content.

Anonymous said...

Wine is good for you - in small doses. A glass a day, and all that. :) Maybe base your argument on that!

Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha...And here I am using it for cough syrup and birth control. My god, you make the rest of us just look like amateurs!

Aidan Donnelley Rowley said...

Hilarious! And, yes, sometimes wine is the best medicine :)

PS - Why do all tiny creatures adore emptying wallets and purses?