Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Never Learn

In the five years I have known my husband, I have never won a bet.

I’ve won my share of Super Dates.

But no bets.

It took me about three years before I just stopped betting him. He says it’s no fun. I say it’s about preserving our relationship.

But today, you guys, today I was SURE I had him.

We were at Costco and as I was pulling out my checkbook. Scott rather gallantly announces: “I’ll pay for this one.” Yeah, we have separate checking accounts. Let it go, it works for us.

I hesitate for a second and then ask him if he really has that much cash? We had gone a little overboard on olive oil and diapers, people. This wasn’t a small bill.

He looks at me oddly and says he will put it on his card.

I tell him Costco only allows you to use American Express. They were very adamant with me on this point. I choose not to get an American Express, so I always bring my checkbook.

He says he can use his card, no problem.

I start writing out my check. He’s still insisting he can use his card.

So I challenge him: Wanna bet? He immediately says okay. We bet a date night.

I am so smug. I grin at him and say “know what? I am going to sign this check because I don’t want to hold up the line with your wrongness.”

So we get up to the checkout and I ask the girl: “you don’t accept debit cards, do you?”

And I am already packing up the groceries, planning on where to make him take me for dinner. It’s restaurant week next week in Minneapolis, what bliss!

So I barely here her say: “Welllll, some…”

I look at her and sort of choke. But I think I can still save this bet because she may not take HIS debit card.

He hands it to her confidently. Turns to me and grins and says: “I’ve used this here before. A bunch of times.”


Although…he did buy the groceries. So, life isn’t all that bad.

But the moratorium on bets is SO back on!

7 comments: said...

That is not a gentlemanly wager at all! You're not supposed to know ahead of time.

For what it's worth, I don't care if you have 1 bank account or 100. If it works for you, it's right.

Mommy Lisa said...

We have seperate too. Costco will take some debit cards, but in MN not the ones attached to your checking account. Its some stupid MN rule about how debit cards are transacted. It blows.

theworkinghousewife said...

Aww.. I don't bet my husband either.. I rarely win.. Our Costco takes all debit cards, :) and Amex or cash..

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

OMG, I hate losing to my husband. HATE. I will make sure I'm write before I say anything, but he has a bad habit of saying, "no, I'm right, lots of people agree" and make up some statistic. I'll have to ask him specifically where he heard it.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

BTW, I tried to email you back from your comment yesterday, but I couldn't and can't find your email here, you mysterious girl you! WE can still be blog soul mates. I couldn't ZIP my jeans up...that isn't so bad, huh? And I'm also still wearing my maternity capris :)

Kristen said...

he totally tricked you! lol THe whole separate checking accounts, my hubs and I have that too, we like it much better!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

I would agree in principle that it wasn't, as Tenaciously put, a gentlemanly bet. But I was being a smug bizzo and he had every right to call me on it. I'd have done the same in the same situation. The same way I call him on a bogus word in Scrabble even though I am ahead 100 points, and he loses a turn. I've got to wear the big girl pants sometimes!