Monday, September 6, 2010

These Shoes Were Made for Walking

I mentioned in this earlier post that I was doing a walking weight loss program. Here's the plan!

The Challenge: Lose 5 Pounds in Two Weeks

The Plan: Walking for Weight Loss by Prevention. Note: this plan is designed to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, but it requires a 1600 calorie diet. While that’s not impossible for me, I am working toward sustainable weight loss and in the past when I’ve restricted this way, it’s backfired and I’ve gained weight back and been frustrated. So the 5 pounds is my amendment to this goal.

My (Not So Willing) Accomplice: Since I walk Cous Cous every morning to avoid any further dresser destruction, I figured I would just incorporate this routine into our existing routine. Here’s how she feels about it.

What I Like: This fits into my schedule because I was already walking Cous Cous every morning for a half hour, and then spending my lunch hour doing an exercise video. So by making my walks more aerobic, I’m not taking any more time. And in fact, with the weights only taking about 10-15 minutes, so I’m saving time by getting it all complete before my work day starts. This has resulted in a lot more energy during my work day, and a lot more relaxation at lunch.

What I Dislike: The weights don’t feel as if they’re doing much for me. I don’t think that particular part of the program is enough for more weight loss. Although it may be just that I have difficulties following pictures of exercises, I usually need to see them done in front of me.
Week 1 Results: Um, not so great. I didn’t lose any weight. BUT, in fairness, I didn’t gain any weight and since we went to the state fair and ate this:

Curliy Fries with Bacon and Cheese
Gator Sausage on a Stick
Deep Fried Gator

Bacon on a Stick

Maybe the fact that I didn’t gain is a good sign.

Changes for Week 2: I am going to do some heavier weight programs after my walk, using a Jackie Warner video I already have. Hopefully this will add some needed intensity to reach my goal. And of course, no more deep fried alligator!

Do you use any programs like this to spur your weight loss? Do you tend to follow programs exactly, or adapt them to your needs?


LambAround said...

You're going to have me gaining weight with a post like this! The New Mexico State Fair starts next week :)

Probably won't have any fried gator though!

Erica said...

oh my! Curly fries- I haven't had those in ages!!

The dress is from white house black market :)

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Lamb: What is the specialty at the NM state fair? Out here in MN we're all about the food on a stick.

Erica: I have to try that store, I keep forgetting about it.

kathryn said...

I do not believe that Weight Watchers would approve ANY of the items in those photos.

I'm not going to be any help with an actual diet "plan". My weight seems to ebb and flow depending on how much stress I'm currently under. Lots of stress: I don't eat. Little to no stress: Bring on the key lime pie!

Good luck with you sounds like a good one!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Oddly Weight Watchers doesn't have points values for gator on a stick :)

I wish I didn't eat during stress. I'd be a lot thinner!