Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Wish the White Coats Would Take Me Away!

I had the occasion to go to the Target Clinic today...they aren't Minute Clinics anymore, by the way. They want you to know that. Signs are everywhere.

Anyway, don't worry, nothing's wrong with me. This is just a "standard" biometric screening my insurance has requested. You gotta love this.

The basic message is "hey, remember how last year we raised your rates like $300 a year? Oh, and then how we added a high deductible? Well, see, we're planning on screwing you in much the same way next year. But we're going to soften the blow by offering you a 'credit.' If you do this biometric screening, you get a $300 credit next year. What? Well, yes, we'll be raising your rates, so you'll be paying what you paid this year. What? Well, yes, we still consider it a credit because otherwise you'd be paying more...next year. You see how it is."

Yes...yes I do.

The biometric screening basically consists of measuring BMI and cholesterol levels. If you don't pass, then you have to participate in health coaching. Assuming you do so to the satisfaction of a health coach (yeah, I don't know what is either. I see a lot of life coaches on reality TV, maybe it's similar?) then you get the "credit."

This is a whole different rant about insurance.

But the point is this: I get in and sign in with the receptionist. The receptionist is wearing the typical khaki pants and red shirt of Target. I can live with this. Until the receptionist calls me in a room and starts putting on gloves. Wazza whah???

Yeahhh, apparently she was a medical assistant and was actually the one to perform the tests.

Then the doctor comes in to read the results. Guess what the doctor is wearing under her lab coat? Khaki and red!

Is it wrong that I don't want the woman selling me Band-Aids to be wearing the same uniform as the woman who is putting a Band-Aid on me after medically treating me?


Kristen said...

ha ha! Yeah um I think that there needs to be a standard dress code for health professionals and that definitely does not mean khaki pants and a red shirt! lol

Wendy Irene (Give Love Create Happiness) said...


Thanks for sharing your link in Moms with Blogs! Loved coming here :)

Captain Dumbass said...

As someone who was born and raised under the universal health care system I just had a full body shudder.

Anonymous said...

The healthcare system in our country makes me physically ill if I try to think about it for any length of time.

On a more superfical note, yes, I agree with your assessment of the Target dress code/white coat combo. NOT okay.

Amanda said...

Target like...THE target? Like Tar-jay? where I can get birthday cards, milk and tampons? And apparently now, cholesterol screenings?/ BIZARRE!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Amanda: Yes Mam, the Tar-jay!!!