Monday, August 22, 2011

Top 5 Horrific Fashion Choices that I have Personally Donned

Everybody, meet Mads at La Petite Pancakes. Her Today in Tweets always make me laugh and wish I commented more on her awesome Tweets when they cross my path. Speaking of commenting, Mads is an awesome blog commenter, and always has something fun or insightful to say. Also, if her pug doesn't make you just want to squish its little face even more, then I can't help you. Please read her immediately.
I would like to say that my fashion “dont's” have been largely attributed to passing trends. If only! I so wish my worst nightmares were pictures of me in acid washed jeans or big 80s hair.

But no.

The majority of my faux pas have all been self-discovered “gems”. Things I thought were totally cool, but nobody else would touch with a ten foot pole.

Some examples:

1) Monotone colors. As in, yellow tights, yellow sweatshirt, and a giant yellow bow in my hair. I did this every day for the entirety of 1st grade. And yes, my big yellow bows were pretty similar to Princess Beatrice’s. Hot mess.

2) The single thick braid. I’m not talking about braiding my whole head of hair. No, no, that would be too cute. I’m talking about wearing my hair down with one large braided chunk hanging off to the side. I wasn’t following a junior high fad, I simply thought it was awesome. Add this to the fact that I frequently wore pajamas to school. Who allowed that?!

3) Hemp necklaces. This would have been cool in high school if I was a pothead, but alas, I was not. Instead, I made them in “art club” and sported the stinky thing around my neck every day. I was also in “earth club”. No really, I wasn’t a stoner. Really.

4) Bracelets from my wrist up to my elbow…on Both. Arms. Horrific.

5) Leather mini skirt. I bought this for a Halloween costume and continued to wear it out and about town. I watch women on “What Not to Wear” reuse costumes as “normal” clothes all the time, and I am sad to say I was one of those women.

I’m oh so sorry that I don’t have any pictures. We could all share in the hilarity and mortification.

What’s your worst self-discovered fashion “gem”?


Kat said...

#4 Is now known as an "Arm Party." Embrace it.

I think for Halloween, whatever my costume is will need to involve a self-created rat tail. I just don't know how it could possibly go wrong.

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Stretch pants with the stirrup thingy that went around the foot. *shudder*

Sparkling said...

Hands down, my worst wardrobe fail was the acid washed denim jacket with leather that I bought at Weathervane in 9th grade. I even put it on LAYAWAY. I was such a grown up! It was so hideous, I don't know what I was thinking. I can't even find pictures if I look online. THe leather wasn't fringe, it was just pieces of leather sewn into the back. HID.E.OUS.

Aleta said...

I'm laughing... I have a picture from high school that is just horrible. I'm not brave enough to even describe it!

Mads said...

Thanks for having me, Stephanie! I had fun writing this and have been loving all of your guest posters.

The Woven Moments said...

I have a whole post dedicated to my bad hair. It's epic.

But my worst fashion gem would have to be thin hairbands and pegged jeans. Awful.

Anonymous said...

Where to even begin?! I am a walking fashion disaster that always thinks I look cool. My fav was the floral button down shirt with the sheer black lace sleeves and patent leather Doc Martin combo that I rocked every day for like 3 years. That's hot.

SmartBear said...

There are too many for me to count. Aside from the bad hair in the 80's, I went to college in the age of grunge and matte makeup. Seriously. It wasn't pretty.