Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's In Your Kitchen?

When Scott and I were registering for our wedding, we were totally stuck. Because we had both lived on our own for quite some time, and we were both foodies, it was virtually impossible to find something that we didn't have. A lot of our presents were things like mugs and serving dishes that were upgraded versions of what we had.

I saw this list from Gal Time and it made me think about what I have in my kitchen now, and my top 5 kitchen loves.

1. My Cuisinart. For the obvious reasons of chopping and shredding. But I also used it extensively when I was making baby food, and it saved me from having to purchase one of those $300 combo baby food makers. I just used our steamer and then threw it in the Cuisinart. Because this bad boy wasn't cheap, I also got a cheaper Hamilton Beach one for Target when it went on sale for $30. It does not chop as well, but works on simple veggies and makes a decent smoothie. I also have a smaller one for a single onion or herbs.

2. My Salt Pig. Scott saw these on Top Chef and he basically did the adult equivalent of "please, mommy" over and over until I got one for him. This one was VERY cheap on Amazon and it's served us well. It's survived many a top-over from a clumsy cook. And there's just NOTHING like tossing in some salt straight from this bowl that makes me feel like a legit chef.

3. My Go-To Cookbook: How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. I got this when I first got my apartment and was scared about doing ANYTHING with food. I mean, down to how to hard boil an egg, this book has everything! I highly recommend the banana bread and cookie recipes. MAGIC! My uncle gave this to me and even added his own specially made seal of approval. Because that's how my family rolls.

4. My Herb Scissors. I got these for Christmas and I ADORE them. Have I mentioned I am a lazy cook? So often I would try to rip or coarsely chop my herbs and so some people would get potatoes with a mouthful of rosemary and other pieces would have none. My FAVORITE feature is that it has a stem cutter at the base. Genius and cheap!

5. My Herb Keeper. I used almost exclusively dried herbs before I got these bad boys about two years ago. I was so tired of spending money on cilantro and parsley when I used barely a TBSP of them. Now thanks to my meal planning and I can use more. Still, with the Herb Keeper, I can keep them fresh for two weeks or more (leafy ones like parsley and cilantro hit about 2 weeks, but stronger ones like rosemary can last closer to 3).

So what are your five favorite kitchen items?


Small Town Mommy said...

I love the herb keeper. I could definitely use something like that. My favorite kitchen tool is tough. I have a number of them I use a lot. I guess one of my favorites is my kitchen scale.

Donna U said...

You've got some great favorites here. Mine are:
My Ninja:
My knife:
My kitchen scale:
My bread machine:
And my very well used pizza stone:

Sparkling said...

Yep, definitely my pizza stone and my newly expanded stoneware collection. My lemon reamer. I would be lost without it. My pastry blender. My mini cuisinart which some day might be upgraded to a real one but does the job most of the time.

Pam @ The Journey Leads Home said...

I hate to cook. So my fav thing in the kitchen are the carry out menus and the telephone!

visiting from comment hour

Mimi said...

Mine would be my microwave! #commenthour

Mellisa Rock said...

Gosh I love this idea of posting about 5 things in the kitchen. love that herb keeper - its fabulous!

Claire said...

i've just started hearing such good things about about mark bittman. i'm going to have to check out that cookbook.

Amy said...

I couldn't live without my mixer. She's lovely and a hard worker!


Counselor Musings said...

visiting from comment hour. What i see of your blog right now, I really like! I want a food processor so badly!

gin said...

That's how I make my baby food too; I bought one initial set of baby food just for the jars and steamed and pureed the rest of Toph's baby food. I love it!
gin @ Life as Topher's Mama

Whitney said...

I so need that herb keeper, how cool!

The Reason You Come said...

I'm a mess in the kitchen! I'd love to get a Cuisinart, though. Here from Comment Hour. :)

Andrea said...

I actually love having a cuisinart food processor but can never find all the parts! I use my kitchenaid mixer more than anything!

Kimberly said...

Ok, now I must have herb scissors! My top five would be:

My tongs (Pampered Chef)
My pizza cutter
My ulu (from Alaska)
My bath and body works hand soap (antibacterial!)
My williams sonoma steamer pot said...

I just did a "screen shot" of that book you have posted. It's time to learn how to cook and this may be a good read.

Carli said...

I sooo need that cook book! Thanks for the tip!

Terri said...

My favorite thing in my kitchen is my gigantic cutting board. I don't know how I ever functioned in the kitchen without it!

Just stopping by from comment hour!

Radiovixen said...

I love your salt pig! Totally getting one. I have my salt in a small locking container. The herb container is fantastic too! Visiting from comment hour

Ginger said...

My microwave and toaster oven. My family would starve otherwise, lol.

I have never heard of a salt pig before. Do you just store salt in there? I would feel very fancy with that too.

Literally Inspired

Anonymous said...

#1 Bullet Express
#2 George Foreman Grill (Family Size)

The two best things ever made for people like me that want things done simple and in a short time. (You just set it and forget it)<--Was that for another one of those infomercials lol


Katy said...

Okay, so I have never heard of a herb keeper or scissors, but now I want them! I have thrown away so many herbs too, and I am a lazy cook that hates cutting as well! Thanks!

Stopping by from the #commenthour-way late!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS. We just got a Cuisinart food processor (beyond excited), but you should know that rather than herb scissors, we're rocking the Fiskers safety scissors round these parts.

I would have to say that what I can't live without in my kitchen is a grater, a good chopping knife, a dutch oven, my grill pan, and a pair of tongs. Check with me again in two months ;)

p.s. Your last comment almost made me pee my pants laughing. LOVE YOU!

Jocelyn said...

I love my Cuisinart food processor too. Saves so much time.

Stopping by from #commenthour