Friday, May 20, 2011

Were THESE Shoes Made for Walking?

We have, more or less, reached the end of the walking saga. And in true form, it was not without its hilarity and frustration.

The county’s free program had its advantages in that it was free and they committed to completing Wee ‘Burb’s evaluation within 45 days. I’m still on the waiting list for the private company.

The disadvantage was that it was a PROCESS.

Even though the only concern was in the gross motor area, we had to have two other meetings: one with a special ed teacher to review social and cognitive skills and the other to review fine motor skills.

Now, these ladies could NOT have been nicer, and Wee ‘Burb came around to them pretty quickly. But it was exhausting for both of us. Their skills test basically goes through her age group and up until she misses three tasks.

I have to say, this was amazing to watch. I was amazed at some of the things that Wee ‘Burb could actually do. Like the lady took out a peg board and Wee ‘Burb just put the pegs in all in a row like she’d been doing it forever. It was one of the most amazing moments I’ve had as a mother, to see her intelligence on display like that. To see that hamster wheel in her huge head turn and turn and get it right, then have her smile a huge smile and acknowledge the claps.

But on the flip side, when she couldn’t get something? It was excruciating. To watch her struggle and not step in was just borderline torture for me. Particularly when she seemed to be struggling with tasks I absolutely knew she could do.

Then to top off the drama? I was in the midst of some huge deadlines at work so I had to pick her up from daycare, let these strangers make her perform tasks like a cymbal-playing monkey, and then drop her back off at daycare. I’m going through deadlines, but she’s going through mega separation anxiety. So she sobs hysterically whenever I drop her off, which I got to go through twice a day.

We were both ragged by the time the actual physical therapist arrived. At this point I was completely convinced we’d never get through this. Wee ‘Burb picked up her car and walked with it a bit so the PT could see her stance.

As we were discussing her stance, Wee ‘Burb looked at me, then at the PT, and hand to God took three steps like “See? TOLD YOU!”

I was floored. The PT jumped up and clapped, which of course made Wee ‘Burb’s day because that child is a whore for applause. And she’s been walking a little bit more each day.

We still have a final meeting scheduled for the 31st, but the PT indicated that more than likely it is just an issue of low muscle tone. Wee ‘Burb was on the smaller side when she was born and it’s possible her muscles are just slower to develop. So more than likely we’ll just need to be patient with her and know her gross motor skills will just take a bit longer.

Of course the PT also indicated it may just be a “personality” issue. Once again: diagnosis, baby jerk!

Whether or not your baby has any issues, I would so suggest hooking up with whatever county programs you have. The time it takes to do the questionnaires is so worth it compared to the issues you will have if you get your little one to preschool not knowing any issues.


Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Oh, sweet little Wee Burb. Bless her heart. I hope she continues walking for you. All these little "should be doing" milestones make me nervous. Part of me wants to say,she'll do it when she's ready and another part says, why isn't she doing x, y or z yet??

Sparkling said...

That is so awesome for you!! Sometimes I swear they are just giving the parent a big F-U when they won't walk or talk by a certain age. You knew she'd do it and how ironic in front of the PT!! Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that counties offered programs like this - very cool!

And Hooray Wee 'Burb! Little pup has been on my mind like whoah since her refusal to trot about came out months ago. Not gonna lie, I felt a little bit proud when I read about those steps of hers :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that she's walking and everything is on track!!

And my gosh, I feel you on the whole day care thing. My heart would break every time but guess what? My 6-year-old has zero recollection of that my advice is not to worry too much about it. Which, I know, is impossible!