Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Nazis and the Men Who Love Them

I love Christmas. I’m obsessed. I was once (affectionately, I choose to believe) called a Christmas Nazi. I may or may not have insisted her topiary in a red pot was NOT a Christmas tree. I can’t be held responsible when I am in the season, people!

To keep myself and those around me sane, Christmas and I have a strict no contact order until the day after Thanksgiving. Then I can do all the calling and stalking (stocking, hee!) I want.

And I do. Ohhhhh, but I do!

This may be happier than ACTUAL Christmas day, when I pull all my stuff out of storage. Especially because last year, I saved my money and bought a TON of stuff the week after Christmas. And like a good little girl, I put it in my Christmas bin. And promptly forgot what I had purchased.

So it was like…well, Christmas…opening everything on Friday and seeing all the goodies I forgot I had.

And then…well, then Christmas opened up and spewed more gooey happiness my way.

My husband, who I am slowly converting from years of Scroogedom, looked around and said to me: “I don’t think we have enough Christmas decorations.”

And he was serious.


Kristen said...

are lives sound so similar, at least our personalities & our husbands! lol My hubs has finally converted over to a Christmas freak like myself. I may even dare to say that he's more in the spirit this year than I am! The day after Thanksgiving is when we turn our house into Christmas too, I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Post-Christmas sales are something I always think about and then always forget about on December 26th. I can't wait to see what your abode looks like all tricked out in silver and gold. Or the holly and the ivy. Your call.

Small Town Mommy said...

I love Christmas but I have to keep my husband in check when it comes to decorations. If it was up to him, we would have a 50 foot Santa menacing the neighbors.

Susan said...

My husband is a total downer too...always whining about doing the lights and tree. Boo-hoo!

I also LOVE Christmas and I can barely wait to get my decorations up...this year i did start the week before thanksgiving and we got our tree Black Friday. As soon as I finished putting up the last of the decorations he said "it looks like Christmas threw up in here" Bah humbug!

Susan (aka Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva)

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

@ Kristen: Way to convert!

@ Tenaciously: I typically sign up for store e-mails, which is the only way I remember on December 26th. Plus I buy myself whatever I didn't get from my list :)

@ Small Town: There's a fine line between gaudy and glorious. I'm not much into inflatable stuff or lawn ornaments. I much prefer to decorate inside where I can enjoy it. Though I do have a racist singing dog in my house that's wayyy over gaudy. That may have to be its own post.

@ Susan: You got your tree on Friday?? Does it stay alive til Christmas? We're getting ours this weekend.

Crystal said...

I'm with you...I love decorating and lots of lights. And kudos to making your man see the light!

Mandi said...

Oh dear I am so with you on how pulling out those decorations and putting them all up is almost better than Christmas Day! The decorating has always been my favorite part! I always pull all of that good stuff out of storage and put on some Christmas tunes and do it up! Oh, and by the way, for those banana cookies, you can totally sub in chocolate chips if you can't find cinnamon chips...those things can be very hard to find!

Kristy said...

I still have yet to put up most of my decorations. Maybe I'll get around to it this weekend. Can you tell I'm not really in the spirit this year?