Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Workout Wednesday: 10 Pound Slimdown

I found a new workout plan for October. I moved on from my walking program for two reasons:

1) October is so unpredictable weather-wise in Minnesota that I need a good indoor program as a back-up.

2) Cous Cous loves the fall. I’ll discuss her dislike of winter and accompanying embarrassing accoutrement she needs in another post, but let’s leave it at this: that puppy loves piles of leaves. LOVES! Which makes our walks verrrry time consuming. We lovingly call her a “frolicking lollygagger.” Sometimes we call her less than loving things. The point is, it’s challenging to get a good stable cardio workout with her right now.

So I’ve moved on to Chris Freytag’s 10 Pound Slimdown which is on free with my Comcast On-Demand Exercise TV.

The Pros: I really like Chris’ attitude and moves. She is positive without being annoying and perky, and she doesn’t spend a lot of time doing deep breaths or other things to burn up time. You will get maximum cardio time from these workouts. I also like the Circuit Training because just as your muscles burn out from weights, you move on to cardio, and on and on. Also? This bad boy HURTS! In a good way. You definitely feel like you’re doing something. Lastly, I love that you have the weekends off in the beginning, it gives you a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Cons: The days where you have to do two workouts are KILLER! Especially when Cous Cous still needs her walk. Yesterday I walked her for 20 minutes and then did two workouts, which was over 40 minutes. An hour of cardio is a challenge, and it’s also sometimes difficult to do without getting up early. And I am not looking forward to moving up to the 6 days a week, that feels overwhelming, even if the workouts are only 20 minutes.

Like the last plan, I’m not necessarily focused on the 10 pound loss, although I would love to lose that before Wee ‘Burb’s first birthday, which is coming up next month. Since I’ve officially LOST THE BABY WEIGHT (YAY!) this is more for firming and toning and getting to a better weight than I have been previously. So the bottom line is, I’d be happy with 5 pounds.

So there it is! It’s a free workout so if you want to join me, I’d love to have some support. Or share your favorite workout program with me! What do you do when your workouts have to go indoors?


chris said...

Hey Stephanie - It's me Chris Freytag and I'm a Minnesota Girl too ....I get alerts on my website and saw you were trying my 10# Slim Down - You GO Girl! I have a new workout also - Walking Cardio Shape Up Max on ETV also -

connect with me on facebook -

Tracy said...

I will join you since I still have 30 baby lbs to loose and I have comcast on demand also! I am also trying to get back into running so maybe I can get the other 20 off with running. :) I think my biggest obsticle is getting my hips to go back and this is out of my control.

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Chris: Geez, no pressure, just the workout creator keeping an eye on me :) I will def. get on your FB page, thanks for touching base.

Tracy: That's awesome! I have the same issue with my butt. It's spread in a way that no exercise can help. I've tried toning and cardio and EVERYTHING, to no avail. Just something to hold over Wee 'Burb's head for the rest of her life!

Kristen said...

good luck! I fell off my Jillian Michaels wagon after day 12... life got too busy and my knees were hurting too badly! :(