Monday, October 4, 2010

Suburban Soap Opera

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After this post on hiding candy in the broiler from LambAround I had to tell you all about a similar domestic disaster experience. Looking back, the outcome was obvious, but at the time it made so much sense!

After years living in Boston with no dishwasher, I made a short list of requirements for my first apartment back here in MN. One of those requirements was a dishwasher! I was so happy when I got my new place, and sweet sweet freedom from dishpan hands.

For the record, my job at home growing up was to empty the dishwasher, I rarely loaded and I definitely never turned it on.

So about a year in to my awesome dishwasher apartment living, I had a big holiday baking session. I threw all my pots and pans in the dishwasher when I realized that I had no detergent. It was after 10 p.m. and there was nowhere convenient to grab detergent around me.

But I didn’t want to leave the dishes unwashed, either, because I was afraid the baking ingredients would cake on and then it would take forever to clean. See? I knew that much! I also knew I definitely didn’t want to hand wash.

And then a lightbulb went off! I’d hand wash it with Palmolive, so I may as well just shove some of that in. Now, I thought this through. I only used about a Tablespoon of the stuff because I figured “it’s probably a little more potent than my normal detergent.”

Yup, just a little.

So I go in to my living room and watch TV and when I hear the dishwasher shut off, I get up to empty it. I’m responsible like that.

Have you ever just had a break from reality when you look at something? Like you’re seeing it, but you’re not seeing it? That’s how I felt when I stared at the floor and saw 3-4 inches of bubbles covering my kitchen floor. I actually thought to myself “how the hell did THOSE get there” and I’m looking around on my CEILING like somehow it rained bubbles in my third floor apartment and I just missed it.

It wasn’t until I saw the dishwasher puking bubbles, and I opened it to find my muffin tins taking a happy little bubble bath that I made the connection.

So in honor of LambAround and I, share your biggest DUH disaster!

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Small Town Mommy said...

That was hilarious. I can imagine my walking into the kitchen and having the same reaction. I would be searching to find out where the bubbles came from.