Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Think I Can...I Think I Can

You guys, this week is testing me. It's not even that anything that bad has happened, but it's just been so exhausting and it's only Wednesday!

First of all, thanks to those of you who commented on the walking and food issues we're having with Wee 'Burb. While the problem of the walking wasn't solved overnight (dammit), we have made some headway with getting some help.

It turns out the county has a free program through the schools! They'll come out to our house and evaluate Wee 'Burb and just be sure there's nothing wrong. I'm happy for two reasons: 1. Duh, it's free and 2. I'm happy to have them work on Wee 'Burb's home turf because then they can see her whole environment.

Wee 'Burb says "MWAH" for all the support. She also says she'll walk when she damn well feels like it. Kiss off!

The food is going better. So far she's really only skipped two meals, and she's eaten everything she skipped the first time at the next meal. So I feel really positive about it. I think Wee 'Burb is fairly adaptable on this front. I know we'll have good and bad days on this, but I'm pleased by the progress.

Which couldn't have come at a better time because I got some downer news today. Initially, our daycare provider had put her daughter on her license so that when she was out of town, she wouldn't have to close daycare down (a real problem because she had 10 paid days off in addition to holidays last year). So she's out of town on Thursday and Friday and the plan was the daughter would cover those two days.

Got an e-mail YESTERDAY at noon saying they were going to close instead, because apparently the daughter can't handle this on her own.

Now, these are my neighbors. They're good people. I actually like the daughter and I understand that she's 18 and 6 children under 4 is a lot to handle. Frankly, I go out of my gourd with the one half the time!

But couldn't that decision have been made...oh, I don't know...earlier than two days before the planned vacation??!!

I got this e-mail when I was in the parking lot of my dietitian, so I wasn't in a good place mentally. I've been sort of dreading this visit. I even put it off a few weeks because initially I wanted to lose more weight after San Francisco.

Yeah, didn't happen.

Anyway, I was feeling very discouraged. So we talked it out. We talked about how I sabotage myself during the weekends. We talked about pre-planning more weekend meals and planning to work out the days I know I'm going to go out. We talked about integrating vegetables and other filling fibers during the day so I'm less likely to pick at food when I go out. We talked about alternating a glass of wine with a glass of seltzer water to ease up on the alcohol when I'm out with my friends or the hubs.

I left feeling hopeful. It's unlikely I will meet the goals I had originally set in the timeframe I set. And she convinced me that's okay. We have strategies and I have renewed accountability. And license from a professional to! In the past month my little brother got married, my friend passed the bar, and I took my first vacation without a baby. She assured me these are things to celebrate, and with just a little more preparation and some willpower, those celebrations don't have to derail me.

Seriously, if you have insurance or employee assistance programs, you should check into a nutritionist or dietitian. I thought I knew EVERYTHING about weight loss. I've been at it for a bazillion years, people. I know how to read a label, I know tracking food is important.

But WHAT should I EAT?? And when? And how much? It can change depending on where you are in your dieting (are you at a plateau, have you just started?). It can change depending on hormones and environment and time of year.

And that's what she told me. And told me again.

So we set a goal of losing 6-8 pounds before my next visit in a month. I'm armed with a ton of new nutritional data I'll share with you along the way. Hopefully we can all get motivated together, yes??!!

Have you seen a nutritionist or dietitian? What's the best food advice you've gotten recently? What gets you motivated when you get off the diet wagon?


Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

YES PLEASE, I need to get motivated big time. I still have 10 lbs of baby weight, plus 10 more pounds I was planning on losing before I got the bun in the oven. I'm nursing too so they say not to "diet" but I need to do something.

Wee Burb is too cute...cute and stubborn! ;)

Small Town Mommy said...

I am so glad you found a nutritionist you like. I have an amazing nutritionist and I love her.

I can't believe your daycare decided to close 2 days before the actual closing. I would be furious. That really leaves working parents in an awful spot.

Sandra said...

I think my best advice re: diet or eating habits, is to stay away from sugar. I've cut out junky stuff (not completely, but for sure no sugar after 6pm) and a change in my waistline. Hang in there, at least you know you want this! So many people are on the wrong track, but clearly you're not.

Donna U said...

I lost 47 pounds a few years back. It took alot of hard work and me having my head together enough to stay on track. For me, weight control is all in my head. I started a regular exercise program and very strict food rules for myself. I found the exercise really helped because it gave me time for me, gave me time to think and gave me time to plan. I made a plan for EVERYTHING that went in my mouth. If it wasn't on the plan, it didn't go in. I didn't use a dietician, but it sounds like yours is a good one. I used Nutrisystem. It worked for me. Whatever you do, stick with it. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Lady, I just LOVE reading about your dietitian experiences.

Have you ever read Michael Pollan's Food Rules? Because I know that I found that book to be SO useful/fascinating. From time to time, I'll just flip through it so I can re-acquaint myself.

gin said...

Steph, I can't believe it took me so long to follow you. Score; I'm glad I did.
As far as dietician/nutritionist goes, I've never gone to one. When I have been wanting to lose weight, I drink a ton of water and pretend it's a delicious milkshake. Maybe that does/does not help?

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Amanda: Yay! I'm with you, I had weight to lose before I got preggo with the monkey and it's taking FOREVER to lose the weight.

Small Town: Yes, I am furious. This is a big downside to home daycare. I am fortunate that I can still work and have her home, although it's quite a difficult balance. But for people who work in an office,it has to be insane to take that much time off, it would be half my PTO!

Sandra: That's great advice. I am def. working on cutting down sugar and increasing fiber. I also try to finish dinner before 7 and only have tea from there on out.

Donna: Congrats on 47 lbs! That's awesome! I think you are so right, it totally is in your head. I always do better when I see my day laid out food-wise.

Tenaciously: I've not heard of Food Rules but am reserving it at the library now! It looks like it's a very reasonable approach unlike some books that tell you to cut out certain foods completely, etc. I like my dietitian because she's very adamant that you enjoy certain things once in awhile. Moderation is key, right?

Gin: Hello there! I'm glad you followed, too :) Water has been a tough spot with me, too. Cuz I don't love it. She would like me to drink 70 oz of water. That's a whole different post I would write if I wasn't peeing ALL.THE.TIME.

Erica@PLRH said...

I'm a month into what I believe will be a year-long process of losing weight that I gained while on medication. I've never met with a nutritionsit/dietician but I do like the advice of wroking out on any days that I'll be "splurging." Thanks for the tip!