Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Randomness

So, Scott and I went to Costco today. Because, you know, we're a hot young couple with a kid. That's date night, people!

Anyway, we had Wee 'Burb with us because our roommate had the AUDACITY to leave and go visit her family. I don't think we realized how reliant we had become on her pitching in when we had quick errands to run. Turns out, Wee 'Burb has her mommy's patience. Which is to say, less than zero.

So we're walking and we're price comparing and discussing what we're going to make for New Years Eve (we've long ago decided not to bother going out: I never like the fixed-price menu options and neither of us enjoy being on the roads or going to the built-up parties that always end up super boring).

Those of you who go to Costco or Sam's Club know that every few aisles there are sample carts. I usually try to avoid these because they're not friends to the ole diet. But today I was feeling fancy free and decided to try some frozen pizza. Pedestrian at best, sigh.

Then there's a ravioli sample and it looks good. I go to grab one and I am about to hand a little bite to Wee 'Burb, who is guppy-mouthing for more food since we're nearing her normal chow time, when I stifle a "sonofabitch" and throw it in the trash.

The word molten could not describe! The woman has the nerve to serve this on a little paper doily less thick and absorbent than the little tray that separates the milanos in a bag. It's CLEARLY soaking right through these little paper things, but she hasn't even bothered to refill her napkin dispenser.

So I am covered in grease and nearing tears my tongue hurts so bad, and Wee 'Burb is burying into Scott's chest and whining because mommy is the meanest mommy EVER not giving her a piece of that tongue-scalding noodle she so badly wanted.

Happy Tuesday, Costco. Thanks for nothing!


Kristen said...

bummer! We aren't going out for NYE either this year. Normally we do, but it is the same ole same ole, and the next day we just end up miserably hungover. So this year we're keeping my sister's kids and having our own little NYE party here with the young people! I'm thinking sparkling grape juice will be quite exciting!

tenaciouslyyours.com said...

1. I hope you weren't at the Costco in SLP. That place is a freaking madhouse. I Stay Away At All Costs.

2. I almost peed my pants at "guppy-mouthing." I die. I hope you don't mind if I someday use it, because if I see it happening, there will be no finer description.

Hungrigyrl said...

Funny post! Shopping with kids can be quite the adventure! I've given your blog an award! Come check it out! http://hungrigyrl.blogspot.com