Thursday, December 16, 2010

Totally Terrible Trim-a-Tree

So in the spirit of trying to keep a positive outlook, I thought I would share a fun contest my friend (and current roommate) and I have. Each year we buy each other a nice ornament, and one totally terrible one. It started with a gold Jesus Fish and it's just spiraled down from there. Or, I mean, got more awesome.

I submit to you our tree this year with current winners:

Moustache #1, the Porn Star

Moustache #2: Uncle Ed

This year's winner: The Christmas Pickle!

 The Christmas Pickle was a winner largely because of the story that goes with it. I may have chosen a less regal version of this ornament, but I think it looks lovely on the top of my tree.


LambAround said...

As a fellow Christmas Pickle owner, I think they're pretty cool. The ornament I'd love to get this year though is Dwight from The Office! Hallmark has him :)

Reuben said...

Let's face it, "pickle" is a hard word to say without giggling. Also, bananas are totally lewd.

Kristen said...

too funny, I also have a Christmas pickle!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Ok, how does everyone know about the Christmas Pickle but me? Has it ever been made into a Christmas special? IF not, DIBS!