Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weirdo Neighbor Update

Our neighbors across the street (the ones who got their cars towed by the Dietz family) just told us that they will be watching the Dietz household while they are away Memorial Day. So I guess this means that they either weren't aware that they were the ones that called the cops OR they're just an incredibly forgiving people. But there constant reminders that they want to baby-sit Wee Burb leads me to believe they don't think it's us...unless they want to plant her with a bug or something.

A normal person would think the Dietz didn't pick us because we have a kid and a dog and life is busy. But recent events suggest something slightly more sinister. You see, last week we found a big piece of poo on our deck. Dog owners will understand this: I know it's not Cous Cous' poop. As I mentioned awhile ago here we've occasionally let Cous Cous go across the borders of our yard and into the Dietz.

You're going to think I am paranoid, but let me just say that there are multiple people who said the same thing with me only telling them about the single piece of poo: Dietz revenge. Maybe living in suburbia has made me nutty bananas, but I am not the only one who could picture them shoveling a piece of poo (from what animal, I couldn't tell you, they probably just naturally assumed it was Cous Cous) on to our deck. It was so perfectly placed...the middle of the middle step. Almost impossible not to step on. I mean, I'm home all day and other than cats and Louie, we don't get any animals that even approach our house.

Mostly, though, it's just killing me not to tell the neighbors that it was the Dietz that called the cops.

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Lindsay @ said...

I wouldn't be surprised if they left the poo on your deck. How childish.