Saturday, April 17, 2010

Run, Bunny, Run!

This is one of those days where living in suburbia is not all it cracked up to be. A friend of mine was helping me get my garden in shape. I’ve tried so many times since we moved in to make the garden SOMETHING, but I always get overwhelmed and quit. So my friend has stepped in and offered to help.

So as I was starting dinner tonight, she comes running in all shuddering. She said she had dug into a hosta to split it, and out came a bunch of mice. She didn’t know how many; she stopped counting after two and came running in. So we did what any girls would do: we made Scott go out and see what’s going on. He asked if we wanted to kill the mice and we debated. Finally we decided that we should try to move them or something to get them away from the house so they wouldn’t get in.

So Scott and my friend go out and she comes in giggling. Turns out it’s not mice! It’s baby bunnies. I get all excited and screechy until I realize she’s injured one and the others are wiggling around all nutty in the dirt. My friend says they can’t stay in the garden b/c they’re killing the plants. So, Scott takes them and moves them to a nearby pine tree. Which causes me to burst into tears because I’m positive their mommy is NEVER going to find them.

I know all this is irrational and borderline absurd. Rabbits are a dime a dozen out here and Scott only moved them 20 feet away, but I kept crying “they’ll never see their mommy!"

So, Scott finally went over a few hours later and made sure they were still there. They were, including the one who was injured who Scott keeps saying may bounce back. My adorable husband even brought them a t-shirt and some food.

And now we wait, I guess. Scott is convinced the mommy bunny will find the babies because she eats from planters all around our house, and he’s convinced I’ll be cursing the bunnies in no time. Here’s hoping!

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